How We Do It 'Round Here

So I was just in a situation this past weekend where I was unexpectedly immersed into a gathering of two first generation immigrant families (see following posts). Sweet people, beautiful children, tasty foods, colorful anecdotes and such. You know.

The B was with me as was a little girl about a year older. The kids hit it off and went off playing. Ah, kids! The other girl lives in New York's borough of Queens. The B lives in new urbanist, neo traditional suburban Maryland. Ha! And, there you have it. It's nice watch kids get together and learn from each other.

They decided to play Rock, Paper, Scissors -- a childhood universal. Janken. Roshambo. I'm watching because it's cute. First round (remember, it's a five year-old and a six year-old).

"Rock-paper-scissors go!" The B whips out a sweet pair or scissors. Her new friend...whips out a...knife. Huh?! A knife! Next round she whips out a bomb!

As you and I know:
Rock: represented by a closed fist.
Paper: represented by an open hand.
Scissors: represented by the index and middle fingers extended.

Rock blunts/smashes scissors; rock wins.
Paper covers rock; paper wins.
Scissors cut paper; scissors wins.
What I now learned:
Gun: represented by index finger and thumb extended.
Bomb: represented by closed fist and thumb extended.
Knife: represented by index finger extended thumb down.

Gun shoots knife; gun wins.
Bomb blow up gun; bomb wins.
Knife defuses bomb; knife wins.
Who knew? Queens in the house, yo! Genius.