More Polyethylene Nightmares (plus cows!)

[as promised, "moo!"]

Hey Kids, It's Earth Corner!

The further I read into World Without Us (by Alan Weisman - I've mentioned this book already), the more, dunno, depressed I get. Maybe depressed isn't the right word but concerned and powerless aren't strong enough. Anyway, it's immensely fascinating. Initially the hook was the premise, what would happen to everything else if humans suddently disappeared? Well, of course, stuff humans have built would eventually crumble. And plants and some animals would run around all free and happy (see "moo! above"). But, the detail, insight, and breadth of this thought experiment is both gratifying and illuminating (and goddamn depressing, er, I mean it has me concerned and feeling powerless).

The website does the book no real justice; it just delivers the hook. But, it's good stuff. I'm not finished so I can't tell you if there's a silver lining (lead? mercury?) but humans have pretty much created begun their own genocidal suicide. Our crystalline window of human existence is quickly becoming a sulfurous mudhole. [But, shhhh!, the Super Bowl® is Sunday, so don't tell anyone. ]