No Foolin'

"A month ago, I was actually interested to see who won these first few races. But now that this whole affair has degenerated into a mass orgy of sports clich├ęs and celebrity catfighting, I find myself more hoping that they all die in a fire somehow."

- Matt Taibbi, Merchants of Trivia, Rolling Stone

I have to agree, there was a brief time when this was an exciting, substantive, important (feeling) race. That window was only open for a minute and now it's closed with along with the storm windows and someone has painted it stuck. Now the race for the president sucks as bad (or worse) than any other I've ever witnessed.

I actually got into it with a fellow (a colleague with a Ph.D. in political science no less) who actually believed that there was substance to the "Hillary Cries!" show. My judgment error was that I had previously believed that this fellow should have known better. He actually told me, "well the pundits think it's an important issue..." as if that was going to sway me. Fuck! That's when I dropped him as an associate with whom I'd even begin to discuss politics -- ever.

He wouldn't drop me from the thread until I called him "retarded" in a group emailing. Now he's crying that I'm uncivil. The pundits probably agre.