The Kennedys, Huh?

Subject: Second-Rate Kennedys

"Trying to dilute the impact of the twin endorsements by the brother and daughter of the late president, the Clinton campaign on Sunday issued a statement of support from
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a former lieutenant governor in Maryland and a daughter of Robert F. Kennedy."


Really? Kathleen Kennedy Townsend? The only Democrat to lose the Maryland governor's race in 30 years? That's ought to grab some headlines and swing some voters.

Oh, and this...

"But two years ago, Ms. Townsend's mother, Ethel Kennedy, referred to Mr. Obama in an interview as "our next president" and likened him to her late husband."


- Richey Powell

The Kennedys, huh? I'm so over the Kennedys. Aren't we all - as a nation - over the Kennedys yet? So if two of the Jackson 5 were assassinated a generation ago would we so breathlessly await Tito Jackson's endorsement of who should win the Best Record Grammy® 40 years on? I didn't think so.

The Kennedys are a huge snoozer, anymore. Crooks and ass-chasers all. As with that F-in' loser™ John "Reporting for Duty" Kerry, if I were a presidential front-running candidate, I'd be all like, "Kennedy on the phone? Ted Kennedy? Endorsement?! Ah, geez. Hummm.... Tell him thanks, but...uhhh, let me ask Mary Jo Kopechne about that. Oh, wait! Mary Jo Kopechne is dead. Dead because Ted Kennedy drunkenly drove her drunk, floppy body into the Chappaquiddick goddamn river! I'll just wing it. Tell him to endorse that Republican wannabe Hillary Diane."

What's the only imagery that voters get when they hear, "Ted Kennedy"? Let's see: a bloated drunkard (complete with those little cartoon spinny things around his head) trying to get the panties of a dead whore back on before the "guys" show up to clean up another mess. I'll tell you one thing you don't think of when you think of Ted F-in' Kennedy - Change. You don't think about change, do you?

And as for Kathleen "Look I'm a Kennedy too!" Townsend? You lost the Maryland gubernatorial election to Robert Leroy "Bob" Erhlich, Jr. Erhlich became - thanks to your sorry-ass campaign - only the sixth Republican Maryland governor ever! The last since...Spiro T. Agnew. So, yeah, your so-called "endorsement" isn't worth the breath spent to make it. To sum: Kennedy lost to Leroy. Cue the banjos.

C'mon. Kennedys? Please go away. Take the Clintons with you. Crooks and ass-chasers all. Brock O'Baughmaugh? You can go away too. Take all the Republicans with you. I'll leave Ms. Ethel Skakel Kennedy alone. She (like Jackie Oh!) has simply been through enough with these freaks.