Ask Ty...December 4 [The Jerry Hsu Question]

It must be Tuesday Friday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions

Q: Dear Ty,
[I am] DYING to know the background on the Jerry Hsu song... [posted on Monday]

What gives? I got that's about skateboarding. I had no idea who Jerry Hsu was. I didn't realize you and Rickey Powell were such sk8boarderz!

- Paulzie
Ty: Good question and an even better observation, Paulzie. What is so hard to figure about the Jerry Hsu song? It's as plain-as-day-simple. The song is not about skateboarding per se. The song is about how professional skateboarder Jerry Hsu saves the earth from a Martian invasion at the 2012 Olympics in Beijing. Doy and double-doy, don! Read the lyrics! "One board, two trucks, four wheels!" Damn, do I have to explain everything here? It's symbolic. It's metaphoric. It's riff-tronic. In fact, the Jerry Hsu song is probably the most straight-forward thing I've ever produced.

With regarding to "sk8brdrz":
Says Rickey Powell, "I grew up in the woods. Even our decaying asphalt driveway had roots knobbing up into the surface. I couldn't bounce a basketball without it ricocheting off into the creek. Not much terrain for sk8boarding."

Says me, "I was a skateboarder back in the southern California second wave of skateboarding (late '70s and early '80s) when Tony Alva, DogTown, the Pipeline and and a kick-flip was all so brand new. We rode pools and concrete parks. We scurried around town day end and day out."
I'm an OG skater. Rickey Powell is a Communist sk8r sympathizer, I suppose; dude used to tour with all his guitar fx pedals Velcroed to the bottom of a long board (that I gave him). Like I said, "Rickey Powell don't ride no skateboard." He's more the folding commuter hippie bike type.

But me, skateboarding: it's how I roll. I still wear stupid skateboarding shoes like I'm 14 or something.

But, "the Jerry Hsu song", huh? You really want to know, do ya', Paulzie? It's all in the archives but here's a hint: [clicky]. More assistance needed? Your call is important? Jesus! Click on the links, click on image, etc. I sometimes bury unpublicized links in the images (try it, kids!).

I believe the song debuted on Priceless Banter (#15) a couple of years ago. There are so many breadcrumbs, you'd think I was making meatloaf or as the kids say, "cool beans!" Listen to the guitar! What?

We decided the song needed to be made. So we made it. By accident. And since people need so much help and I'm altruistic today...I give you this (you can thank Paulzie):

Play the song Jerry Hsu here ---> [clicky]

Just a guess,