All the Right Questions Over a Little Hunk of Pipe

So I had a plumber over yesterday afternoon. Seems I had a leaking pipe in my basement/studio space. Simple fix, but a surprisingly costly one; close to four hundred dollars for a three-inch patch. And with me saving money and all, it did sting. But I had a leaking pipe that I own as part of my joy of home-ownership. So yeah, I need money too, alas.

But the plumber, Darien, and I had some moments over my little hunk of copper pipe. It's not like I'm not going to talk to the guy, right? I invited him into my home so I treated him as a guest. In fact, I treated him as a friend. I introduced him to my kid and my pet.

During one of our moments, my plumber Darien asked me from the basement/studio utility closet, "Are you a producer?" My answer was a simple "Yes. I am a producer." He said that he noticed. He later asked, "Photographer?" I laughed a little and said, "Guilty, D!" He asked what sort of stuff do I produce. I said without being specific, "Whatever comes my way that holds my attention" without trying to sound coy or evasive, but I am a lifelong bashful. Darien laughed heartily and said--mostly to himself--"I know that's right!"

It's like Darien knew. He knew and I knew and that was that. We knew.

Later Darien and I had a somewhat serious discussion about Christmastime and the receiving vs. the giving and The Giving Back. I discovered that Darien is onto some more progressive, pragmatic, and advanced holiday practices. Practices I can only hope to someday emulate.

And we talked about the economy. And about truths.

Then Darien had to leave. But he didn't leave without a thanks and a hug (and a check for $367.79, oy!). I'm kind of grateful that I had a leaking pipe in my basement/studio space.