Ask Ty...It Began With An Emailing in 2006

Big Dave Wave did the research. Now he wants an Ask Ty... coffee table book. Lookit:

From: ty <>
Subject: Ask Ty...
To: [list]
Date: Friday, April 21, 2006, 4:30 PM

So, I was thinkin' about answering some questions. And, just when I thought that was a pretty bad idea, someone [Otter Prince] asked me a pretty good question.

Here is that question:

"Ty, why are there so many Filipino trannies?"

Just like that! No context or nothin'. But I thought, "Dang! That's a really good question." So I answered it, or, at least I tried to offer some insight:

Now, don't get me wrong. I'll happily answer your question, but I might not do much research - you might get a bunch of opinion. So, it's best to ask about something I know (like, I don't know, ask me about me or something). Otherwise, it's a crapshoot what you'll get for an answer. And, please, while I'm more than happy to answer questions, this is not an "advice column." I don't really have advice other than, "get a life and stop asking me questions about your life; get a shrink for that."

Anyway, I inivite you - for a limited time, because I'll forget all about this soon - to ask me questions: Axe Me Motherfucker! Or, have your friends ask me, I don't really care. I'll try to answer them. Think of me as that odd uncle with answers to questions that you find out years later were way off.

[Don't worry, this is the last time I'll bug you with this kind of crap]

And that was only the beginning of me bugging people with that kind of crap! Haha...for a limited time. Whoopsie!

Now it's a thing!