Standing Meeting with Manniyer Marcos

Manniyer Mark started in with this today right off the bat (after I arrived 10 minutes late), "I have like 16 things in my mind. I'm like you now, heh-heh." What? Was that some sort of a backhanded insult?

True, I may have many, many things in my head at once but I'm always cognizant of each of these items. What the heck, man? I'm, uh...I'm. Where was I? I got the TGA!

He did his 16 things and went, "so what you got?" All I "reported" was my carpal tunnel pain.

So, let's go to the emailingsboxes:

Tell Mark that you will not stand for critiques / criticisms from people who cannot even be bothered to use the SHIFT KEY when they send e-mails.

Thanks E.E. Cummings!

How is he going to make you a one million dollars (Doctor Evil Voice) if he cannot even be trusted to properly use the English language!?!!?!?

If I can't trust you with the small things I can't trust you with the big things.


Thanks "-P" for your note but lower-case letters are the least of my worries with Manniyer Mark. The man is--and how do I put this lightly--MAKING ME WORK! How's that for hot shift-key action? Today I have a six-item list of things to do plus a pre-launch meeting on Sunday at 2:00. No football? Whaaaa! Sure, it's good to have someone make me do things but I'm, honestly, not so sure what I'm doing for this "launch." November 30. Monday. Okay! Copyright items, glossary items, ringtones, weekend guest postings, etc., etc. Oh, "monetizing & profiting."

i'm seriously about recording a theme for you. we'll get this done for you. just tell manniyer mark to cool his heels - we're going into the studio on monday.

So nobody liked my "too ethereal" attempt at a theme song. Sue me, will ya'? So "S&E" are "going into the studio" to help me out with a little funk in the trunk theme like Sanford & Son or Alf or some shit. Thank you "S&E" (but use your shift-key or "-P" will not trust you).

Oh, and a couple came in the emailings from the "FLA" [clicky 1 & clicky 2]. Thanks "FLA", but I don't know. Well, Mark says no. But we're onto something here. Maybe I'll do a whole thing on theme songs.... Oh yeah, "stick the Action Items" says Mark.
Ty, What happened to your old manager, Rick from Fresno?

-Laura B.
Yes, I had to part ways with Big Rick G. of Front Slash or Forward Slash or whatever, "Laura B." Well, our "parting of ways" is more the result of not having heard from him since around June. He made me no money and he cost me several thousand dollars in fees. Frankly, I think the guy was a pretty bad manager. Frankly, I'm getting to be a little concerned with the Manniyer too. He seems to believe that "shiny cars" and "fat cigars" will somehow be the result of this venture. I'm more looking of a way to keep doing this without having to work shifts at Starbucks.

The Manniyer is concerned with my "relationship" with Big Rick. He wants to "formalize the separation" but wants me to pay the lawyer fees. I guess I'll use that $24 in t-shirt revenue, right?

So for today I am left with my six "action items to accomplish before our Sunday meeting." He even suggested that "the launch is probably more important right now than a Thanksgiving post." Anybody know web design?

Fuck it. I'm doing the Thanksgiving post. Carpal tunnel or not.