Just Another Manniyer Monday

Oy vey!

The phone just wont stop vibrating.

{Manniyer Mark} {Manniyer Mark} {Manniyer Mark}

I returned his "answer your phone" text with a text indicating, "Oh, I don't know where my phone is."

Yes. We are "on" for Tuesday's "standing meeting." Tuesday's tomorrow, right?

Yes. I am "on schedule" for November 30 launch. I just wish I knew what I was launching.

Yes. I have heard of Stuff White People Like. Like, who hasn't heard of SWPL by now.

Yes. We're selling merch. We've grossed $24! And Cafe Press pays out at $25. So, zero to date.

Yes. We have to "get people to tell their friends" about my site. Bring readership to 4!

Yes. I will try to get you a Washington Rednecks cap.

Yes. I will ponder your newest idea:
"what if we take the project to a whole other level, create TKOL blog to set the scene and then shoot 30 minutes shows to air on the site and on youtube. Use the neighborhood as our screen stage and characters in your life here and on the net as cast? Why create the idea and farm it out when we can start with it. Goal of one new show a month and create a follwoing?

idea, create a fake KOL club house up in the attic of the garage where we hang out and the wives dont know about it. Each of your advetures a show with a new nutty person per episode and one new TY character per show (buckwheat TY) Obamas borther TY

the premise of the show is what we are doing. The meeting to sellout and make money, but we have nothing to sell so each episode is a new idea with your life as KOL taking the spotlight"
I'm Wayne's World Priceless Banter meets Seinfeld the Willard Gentlemen's Club now.

All I wanted to post, this week, was my "
Don't Hate Me Because I Feel Thanksgiving Sucks" and my "Serial Killer vs. Assassin" pieces. Now I have to make racist characters. Don't I have a "real KOL clubhouse" already?