Of Questions

So questions have arisen. Questions with regard to this posting here: 2.0/tr00f.

What does it mean, Ty? What is this, Ty? Tell us, tell us, Ty! Help us understand this coooode. Now, I’m usually of a mind to let people understand things for themselves; figure them out and self-interpret. I’m generally against over-explaining, over captioning, or giving up all the technical details that ruin the experience. There is a time to follow, and there is a time to cooperate. But there also comes a time to lead.

Well 2.0/tr00f means a bunch of stuff. It means little, it means a lot. It has particular meaning to me and if you’re lucky, it can mean something to you too (or not). But I'll break it down anyway:

First, 2.0: 2.0 is a reference to new beginnings, or, at least new chapters. New turns. I do this periodically as a way to acknowledge that somehow, somewhere, my thing has changed. We all have ways we do this, so I’m not claiming some unique status with in this regard. These changes may be completely obvious and clear for everyone to understand like a commercial airplane crashing into a skyscraper. Or the change of thing may be subtle like the difference between the meow of a cat and the squeak of a gate. Point is, not everyone can tell when their thing change happens. So I denoted my change of thing as "2.0" this time.

Second, tr00f: tr00f = truth. It’s a stylistic embellishment, doy. I’ve been having a lot of discussions with colleagues, mentors, protégées, friends, and fans about truths. What is truth? How do truths present themselves? How does one affect change vis-à-vis truth? How do we, as artists and intellectuals, bridge the gaps between art and truth? How do we raise people up as opposed to tearing them down? How do we hold up mirrors without wallowing in snark?

What I am presenting is my declaration of making a specific turn down a road called truth. Not “radical honesty” or soul-searching or any trite and sad shit like that, but the truth in how we present our arts. Not for audiences or hanger’s-on, not for friends and family. But how we present our work that doesn’t compromise our very being. Like I said, Where End Meets Beginning.

Blah-blah, tldr. There! I've explained a thing. Now, onward Christian soldiers!