Ask Ty...November 16 [Another Sellout Question]

It must be Tuesday Monday, Middlespace Cadets, because I'm answering your questions
Q: Dear Ty,

Subject: Embrace The Dark Side

So, I'm sitting in my office after a leisure half-hour drive contemplating how the hell I ended up at this point in my life. How did a young lad from bum-fuck attain such incredible heights? No! What I was really thinking was how the fuck am I going to do this for the next 20 freakin' years! One choice is massive amounts of prescription pharmaceuticals, followed up with impenitence and weight gain. Or, I can take the road less traveled to Povertyville, USA. Neither option is appealing. Which leads to option three: capitalizes on being me.

Since, I have had the pleasure of getting to know you, I have been exploring what being me is all about. I have always felt I was one small step ahead of others when it comes to intelligence; not by much but just enough to get by on doing less than others.

SO, what if instead of doing less, I do a smidgen more? What could be the result of that? World dominance, discovery of the cure for everything, or what I really want is the financial freedom to get out of this modern day death camp.

Here is my proposal: you are obviously a talent person, who appears to have limitless ideas and skills. I exhibit an untapped potential 42 years in hiding. What if we combined efforts and embraced the dark side: MONEY. I am talking figuring out a way to cash in and than cash out of this dog show. For me that means spending the rest of my life returning to being an underachiever and watching my kids grow up. And for you? To whatever shiny bauble attracts your attention next.

Let us gather a dream team of nobodies and do the possible: create, market, and sell out!

-What Say You?
Ty: Good question and an even better observation, WSY. Seems that all of my closest partners-in-crime are about ready to pull that trigger and vota "Sí" on proposition Cash Out lately. Shit, I cannot blame or judge them. Everything being what it is nowadays and all our dues having been paid such a long ass time ago we're all like grandfathered into the lowest tier of dues in the Fraternal Order of Dream Team Nobodies.

Selling out is the new black president [clicky].

Even I was fantasizing how I'd spend a little bread if I had it, how I'd set up a "proper" studio (maybe even lease some space so I could spread out and have associates tinkering all the time. Warhol had The Factory, right?). How how much more I could produce is the key. You see WSY, the shiniest of baubles that captures my attention is me being able move from idea to execution relentlessly; over and over and over again. But how proud friends and family would be that "he's actually making money." Making money in America is the pinnacle of validation, both internal and external. Who do we as a citizenry worship more? Jesus or A-Rod. God, right? That's great an all but who would we rather be? Some dude hitting baseballs and sleeping on a mattress full of money or our lord and savior nailed to a cross? The answer is evident. It's one thing to be influential and popular, but it's another thing entirely to make some money.

Money, money, money.
America, how we need it to succeed it.
The grease in the gears.
[requisite tldr warning, squires]

Yes. I am in, WSY. If 2009 was the year to monster the fuck out, then 2010 should be the year to cash the fuck out. Doy! Long overdue and waiting for the taking.

I totally understand where you're at, WSY. I too have made a lifetime on doing just enough to get by while looking heroic and noble. I had to endure years of the "not working to his potential" bullshit in school. So I also believe that I will take pill #3 and capitalize on being me; doing what I already do. Anyone can possess skills. But who among us can walk the walk? I actually know the answer to that question. Everyone in our tr00fmob can, that's who. This rag-tag dream team of nobodies is poised to do the deed like Mr. Robert Johnson at that proverbial crossroads. Then after said deal is inked, we're going punch the devil in his shit-talking mouth. I am just so over all the bullshit. The hell we need anyone to tell us how to do a thing.

Our brand of Hope and Change (Hange™, don) doesn't come easy nor quickly. Like you said, WSY, we've rested on laurels long enough. Now we turn the knob up to 9 for a short while so we are clearly heard. We need to quit being lazy, scared, dumbasses for just a short period of our lives. That's not selling out. That's waking up. Dark side? No. Embrace the right side.

Step One

I co-created Step One back in 1997 with Dave "click-boom" Gary and Eddie "That's Ed, thanks" Barguiarena: Think Big - Be Big. What else do we need to hear from the masses, WSY? We already know who we are, and already know what we do. Now we just need to put that swagger back into our collective steps, stop letting our own bullshit get in our own collective ways. We need to stop trying so goddamn hard and let the flow come to us. It's about time.

The rest [continues in later installments] is just process. Vision trumps process. Mission Statement = Let's Make Some Money, éses!

Just a guess,