All Politics is Local & We Won! - UPDATE

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I know my mayor. I like my mayor. My mayor is a very good man. I know the challenger too. I'm OK with the challenger. He's a neighbor. But our mayor has led a city that has a budget surplus and hasn't raised property taxes in 40 years. Now is not the time for Hope or Change or leadership that believes it's a good time to sell bonds or run a deficit or make high-risk investments. It's not a perfect city but it's a time-tested smart city. Nothing beats smart.

On the surface, however (based on the yard signs), it appeared that Rich K. was gonna smoke my mayor. But, uh, nope, wasn't even close.

All in all, we won! Sets the stage well for 2011 when I run for council. It's about time to represent the real people of My Town, USA.


"Voter turnout was the city's highest ever...."