The Kid's Mirror

So I was sitting at the kitchen table last night, doing something or another, and the kid was drawing on her whiteboard that's magnetized to the refrigerator. That's cool, she likes to draw. Per usual I wasn't paying her any attention to her (seen and not heard or something).

After the tuck-in and while I was raiding the Halloween razor-candy I noticed the image she drew (above). Well, she got the "Los Angeles" t-shirt right. Glasses? Black Shoes? Check. I also like the ears. The smile and the "thumb's-up", well that's just me. I love how the piece has the text feature, "Ty" and is timestamped. Precision kid all waking me up during daylight standard time playing BrainAge and stuff has a timestamp on her pieces.

But will you look at my hair! Oh G-d! When did I go all so male-pattern tuft? Haha! She's so right though! I wonder how she's going to draw my comb-over and tooth loss?

So later in the evening, I decided to pose myself to imitate her image. It took three tries but life does imitate art (below).