Mope Squad America! The Fourth Debate

It seems like nobody paid any attention to this...but it's good.

Sure there were three presidential candidate finalist debates with Barack Obama and John McCain but that was all bullshit. You know it was. I know it was. Substantively, it was terrible theater--although via body language and subtext they were somewhat illustrative.

But last night both presidential candidate finalists appeared at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner. It's an annual white tie Catholic charity dinner and comedy hi-jinx roast (and blah-blah the last time the presidential candidates will appear on the same stage before the November election blah-blah-blah). And according to the C-Span summary it was an "opportunity for each candidate to make humorous remarks about themselves, the other candidate, and the election campaign." That is, the stuff they had written and vetted and read off cards was fun-tyme laff-riot shit. And they were drunk.

As with the debates, it's not necessarily the words (although there are some wicked snaps, busts, and harshes) you need to focus upon, it's the body language and subtext. I think some shit came out that says volumes about our candidates. Watch the shit (and forward to 7:00 if you want).


Oh, and Pappy poops the bed again: [clicky]