Damn You Ty!

Cass to Ty:
Damn it Ty! This sounds like something I would have written (and wish I had):
"OGs can sit this round out. You did your part; solid blocks up the middle, sweet no-look passes in the lane, perfect 6-4-3s in late innings. But it's NG time. And that's not black or white; or red or blue; nor male or female; or north or south. NG time is confident, intelligent, and deliberate." [clicky]
Or this:
"LA is like Baghdad or Seattle to me." [clicky]
Great shit, man.

In other news, notice how the mainstream media, who has up until this point been swinging from Barry O's balls suddenly decides to get all "devil's advocate" and "let's lay of McCain" during this last week? It's like they suddenly decided "Oh fuck, maybe we should hedge our bets." But it's so transparently a 4th quarter 25th hour fake that it's almost insulting. "Did Obama's Ad cutting into the World Series turn off voters? Next on the 11 o clock news...." Come on people. The media. Ah, the media. A locust that, no, a parasite that eats the host body until there is nothing left to devour. It'll use you up, baby, it will use you up until there is nothing left.

On that fine note I'm off to hammer out a midterm, take photos of weird Halloween outfits and then plunge into documenting the election for the next 10 days....


Cass, San Francisco

Ty to Cass:

Cass. Thanks for the note and the dab. I appreciate that.

Here's my take on the 11th hour MainStreamMedia hedging: It's only good for the Democratic nominee. It makes the stoners and the kids and the mopes believe that "things in this mirror are closer than they appear." The last minute MSM poo-pooing may nudge a percentage stoners and kids and mopes into actually leaving their hovels and finding their polling place and actually voting. If it looked too much like a lock then a lot of stoners and kids and mopes would do something different than stand in line to vote on Tuesday. America is ADD like a motherfucker. America just might get out of the car at the polling place and see a piece of aluminum foil blow by and forget what the hell it was doing. Shiny! Where's my goddamn Ritalin?!

Also, the MSM has to give the impression that it isn't piling on the old man and the dumb governor. They have to appear fair and balanced. Besides whoever wins this dumb thing will be dragged over the MSM like Bianco Sardo over a grater [it's a hard cheese, dummy].

All I know is this there is "no rest for the weary." We must "lean into the wind" and "keep pushing" and and all that victorious ass Knute Rockne/Ronald Reagan talk that makes Braveheart fans sweat and quiver and swindle elections in Ohio and Florida.

Just ask my girl Ashley Todd about the MSM (and the blogosphere (did I just write that gay word?) is much worse).