Mail from one Professor about another Professor

"I had a funny dream last night that I saw you on the street and approached you and then called you out about your encounter with Patterson. I was like "Uh, that's not the Ty I acted like me 20 years ago when I was in your class, all meek and 'uh, uh, what I have to say is boring...'" I then made some kind of was something to do with race and you were all "Uh, in the future, I don't know when, but I will be offended by what you said." And you were serious."

- Prof
Yeah, I was all intimidated by Orlando. Maybe it was that he's so serious and I'm such a goofball (thus the puppets stuff) even though we know the same things and can talk about it like intelligent Barack Obama America people -- black people. I can't explain it. Maybe I didn't want to embarrass myself or him or his daughter or anybody or something. I'm usually all challenging people and such. Being all contrary and such. Maybe, just maybe, it was somehow paternally deferential on my part for like the first time in my life. Maybe I haven't known enough brilliant or brilliant AND BLACK people in my life (Ralph, Wendell, Orlando). Maybe my subconscious was yielding to the alpha and letting him have his space. Damn!

Maybe I was afraid of being let down. You know, you approach your hero and are disappointed that they either don't know a damn thing or are nothing you expected; a way too profound "reset" of your expectations.

Interesting. At my last office job I'd all boss Harvard and MIT PhDs around like they were my own personal Cooley Corps all impressing them with my wit, intellect, and eloquence with words. I know some smart and brilliant people and have only been deferential with a few (Ralph, Wendell, Clark, Orlando). Mad respect and props.

My entire conversation with Patterson was entirely based on camera similarities. I'm the worst. I'm the guy who sucks.