That's What That Feeling Is

So this nutbag in New Mexico did this:
"Marcia Stirman, the chairwoman of a New Mexico women's GOP group, didn't expect everyone to get so upset about a letter to the editor she sent to a local paper. But apparently calling the Democratic presidential nominee "a Muslim socialist" makes people mad these days."
I've heard Barry called a Muslim. And I've heard him called a socialist. But this is the first I've heard him called "a Muslim socialist." Damn!

Then that kook in Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, had to flap off about Barry being "unAmerican." Ha! Even the goddamn GOP fundraising committee dumped her loopy ass. I mean, who had EVER heard of Elwyn Tinklenberg before this? IN FACT, I JUST GAVE SOME MONEY TO Elwyn Tinklenberg. [clicky]

Even that Matt Drudge is stumped. He used to have such keen insights. Even Greenspan admitted his greedy shit was "a fault." My bad, right? Shit, even great and intelligent discussion of race, status, and language at the Blognigger. Join in.

Do you feel it? Are you feeling it? I feel it. You know what I feel? "I feel we got a righteous wind at our backs here." <-- Barry said that. I feel it brothers and sisters. I fucking feel it. It's like we're driving the snakes to the river with our sticks.

Oh, this is the New America.