"Make something. It's OK."

I went out to lunch with some of my dearest corporate world friends...let me correct that, some of my dearest and oldest corporate world friends took me out for the best birthday lunch ever and I came back to this in my snail and electronical inboxes:
- SoundCollege's: OBAMA: That's My DJ shirt" [clicky] great cotton]
- Gabe sent a dirty Sarah Palin joke. We've been going back and forth with this but he wanted to be careful he wasn't leaving a dirty joke on my "work phone" or anything.
- Rich says, "Make something. It's OK." is "quote of the decade." That means something to me. "Quote of the decade" is the quote of the decade.
- Dave says, "nudging is good."
- Gary sent a custom election video to me.
And Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get Retarded" is playing. Perfectly classic universe sync.

Ha-ha! And I was gonna do what I normally do: stall and filibuster the "take you out to lunch" emails until everyone forgets it ever came up and it's awkwardly like December and shit. It's so retarded in here!