Six Items Toward Homeostasis

Item #1:
"Who you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?"

-Cypress Hill, 1993
Item #2:

Hell if Steve Jobs shouldn't be the goddamn president. He made his Oompa-Loompas at Apple make the "Genius feature." And I know, "genius?" Guy's got some hubris nuts, right? he's ever been wrong? Ever? Steven "Mock Turtleneck" P. Jobs wrong? Bad timing, sure. Wrong? Nope . He even killed the PC thank goodness.

And I know...Genius button? Whatever. I was like that until I pressed it; totally dismissive. And. Then. ****BOOM****! Duh.

Item #3:

Two things for Dave MF Wave:
1) While you're scaring poo-butts down in S. Florida with your so-called "headphone music" I'm sitting here waiting for that shit. While you're, "Uh, Ty, I'll send it to you when it's mixed and finalized" and all, I'm waiting. While you're getting laid with your music, I'm waiting here with headphones silent. Hello? Who's your bro, Joe? Who will actually gets your shit? Who's waiting? But I suppose I cannot fault a dude for getting some with his beats and mixes. But I want to hear that shit.

2) I want to reserve the first order of your new t-shirt. Size L. American Apparel cotton. I'll even pay for it. I'll link to it here when you're done with your mixing and finalizing. Both versions.
Item #4:

This past weekend I was asked if I was a "professional photographer." I was also asked if I wanted to talk drums and percussion with some dude. Sigh! I also heard about a potential prodigy/genius underground beatmaker. You know the kind of guy who records stuff into the answering machine and has no intent for anyone to hear it. You know the type. And it's brilliant.

No! I am not a photographer. I am not a drummer. I am not a musician. Not a graphic designer. Not a writer. Not a blogger. I am not a shoe shiner. But as an artist I was/am hugely interested in hearing the stuff produced by the aloof beatmaker. I introduced myself to him, assured him everything was OK and followed up with two emailings. This excites me. I hope he makes contact.

I have some cameras and some computers and some instruments and some recording equipment and the whole goddamn interwebs. I like to make shit and it's there for the future gifting: [clicky]. That's what I do. I make shit and interact with people who make shit. To make more shit. Make something. It's OK.

Item #5:

I was in Red America this weekend. Admittedly I was nervous and attentive and very nice to people. This one fellow was all, "I know you from somewhere, don't I?" And I was like, "Was I mean to you? I hope not." It was weird..more odd than weird. I haven't been out to the country in a long while. But there was brilliance.

What was brilliant wasn't that huge McCain signs outnumbered huge Obama signs 3 to 1. What was brilliant was that a quarter of the huge signs were Obama signs. Huh? Typically there are no Deomcratic signs. But to have a black, socialist, Muslim, elitist, liberal sign? It was telling. This was Red America where there are still "W 2004" stickers around and that guy's universally dismissed. So people feeling emboldened enough (or desperate enough) to erect huge Obama signs (with his image on them) at all is amazing.

I'm not sure when it could have been declared as over but it's so over. It was officially over after the Palin pick but we can mark it in our notes as over after the Charlie Gibson interview revelations. It was downhill from there like a stone under the spell of that demon gravity.

Item #6:

I have to get back to the grind and make this book for a client. I have some ideas based on what I now know. I wish I could share this stuff with you. Good stuff. Proprietary though.