Well, How Does This Plot Annually?

In last night's dream I worked at a second-tier amusement park as a guy in gorilla costume who rode on a Fun Train with other characters. Periodically the Fun Train would speed through the park and the characters would wave and smile but I--as Gorilla--would growl, roar, and wave my hairy arms. I actually could frighten the children as part of my gig.

Interestingly, I was also the park representative of the character's union (or character advisory board or whatever) and it was the last day of the season so I was working with the park accountant on closing out my budget. Apparently I was around $700 over my allotted spending limit. In costume (minus smelly, superheated head) and clipping myself onto the Fun Train with a carabiner I asked the trailing accountant, "well, how does this plot annually?" since I wanted to know if my spending was an anomaly. The accountant diagrammed an increasing deficit over the past five years and declared it as "pretty normal." I asked if I had to pay this amount back and he said with a dry laugh that I didn't.

It was time for the last run on this last day and last day as character rep. The Fun Train lurched forward and through the backstage gates. I started to put my gorilla head on and begin the roaring/arm-waving routine. I shouted, "Let's do this shit!" to my Fun Train homies.

At one of the train's stops a man taking photos came really close to me as I worked my gorilla act. The man had extremely hairy arms and I really played that up to the assembled. I was huffing and puffing, panting hard in the style of the style of a gorilla (or in the style of a guy in a gorilla costume on his last day of work). I was pointing to him and to me; demonstrating our gorilla similarities. People laughed.

I couldn't figure out who was poking me though. But it was annoying. I was doing my gorilla thing and killing! The poking continued and I heard, "Honey. Honey! You're dreaming. It's okay."

I awoke and the season was over.