Fun Talk with Ty & Rich - Insider Reference Edition

Ty: OK, so this link is to video featuring a really old friend of mine from back in the day. Let's call him "Joe" since that's his real name.

He plays drums in the SoCal band Intruder, a Van Halen tribute band. At first I was all, what? Dude's playing in tribute band? WTF? But then I see this and I get it. Shit's fun! I totally get it. Joe wins.

Who am I to diss somebody having fun? What kind of a killjoy would I be? I was all frontin' like I'm disappointed that he didn't become the next Coldplay meets Jay-Z or some shit.

Rich: Shit's fun is right. I get it. What are we supposed to do with our time, sit at home and watch Desperate Housewives reruns? Go out and start a tribute band.

Ty: Exacto-right! Why not is the question to be justified when you tell somebody you're starting a Van Halen tribute band.

Rich: My friend Jenny was telling me about Dark Star Orchestra, which sounds like a totally lame scene. People following a Grateful Dead tribute band. She said she thought it was totally lame too, but then went once and was like, hey, this is fun. Bunch of people listening to good music. What more do you need?

Ty: I'm nobody's judge. Fuck, have fun people. Conversely, quit doing shit that's not fun anymore. Hell, I may start an Intruder tribute band.