Memory Talk with Ty & Rich - Insider Reference Edition

As partially thumb-typed on an iPhone® by Apple®:
Ty: Please remind me simetime of something.

Rich: OK, what?

Ty: That I have An Idea.

Rich: Ikay. Simetime.

Ty: See? I had forgotten already. You know exactly what I'm saying.

[20 minutes later]

Rich: Now is sometime. Don't forget your idea.

Ty: What?!

Rich: Your idea. You wanted me to remind you that you had an idea. Don't forget your idea.

Ty: Oh yeah, that. Thanks. What was that? Oh yeah.

Once I edit (Big Dave Wave edits) all the MoA videos together -- 1-10 @ 35.5 minutes -- and add whatever audio and video embellishments I'm going to add to it, I had the idea to also record a commentary track (as a bonus track) with me, you, and maybe BDW.

You know, more insider reference Priceless Banter. Doy! You know exactly, just chat while the video runs.

Rich: Commentary. Brilliant.