The Twelve-Point-Two Percent Factor

The curmudgeon is loose
Maybe set off by the pollen
or maybe it was the meds that prevent
the pollen from setting off the reactions
that set it all off

But the curmudgeon is cranky
At all of it - by all of it
From the impartation system
that allows this whole idiotic mindset
thing to happen since forever

To the personal weaknesses that allow
the collective to actually believe that
your hate is your fear as patriotic cowards
Magically twisted internal justifications
Now crying for America is the new praying

Suddenly and magically
Us twelve-point-two percent
are now magically and suddenly over-privileged
And elitist a threat to non-running colors
But you said our post-racial skins would have no color

I blame us almighty united
From PC to shining Tea
The only reality I observe is your
hate and fear of
Logic and reason and sanity

I have grown weary
of pausing my precious solitary life
to again enforce the rules and
explain and lecture you
About what's what anew

And you
You awoke the sleeping curmudgeon
Who is just saddened and embarrassed for you
Quit scaring yourself over your own lies