Art Talk with Ty & Rich - Insider Reference Edition

Rich: I listened to the interview several times this weekend, as practice. I critiqued it for audio quality (shitty), interview technique (evolving), story telling appeal (high), and historical significance (high for select audiences). I learned a lot.

The next one should be via Skype which means I need to do it in the evenings. We can schedule something for later this week or next. Whatever works for you.

You're welcome to share the link with anyone. I pretty much never bother to promote anything I do.

Ty: I will share the link once we have about three or so in the queue. That way it's not about one topic. A thing has to be a thing to be a thing.

I loved it. All of it. Except the audio quality.

I can make time in evenings. I usually wind down around 10, so that's only 7 in the Pacific. Evenings are good.

I like the homework you did for the interview. It's interesting. And don't think that any topic is out of bounds (like a Donavan McNabb 3rd down pass).

Rich: A fine idea. Load up the page some.

I've got the four more topics lined up, but this is an improvisation (with homework) so the whole thing is open to exploration.

By 10 do you mean you'd like to be done (in bed) by 10 or start at 10? Either way works for me. That's either 6pm or 7pm start on my end.

Ty: No, we can start at 10:00/7:00. Or whenever, duh.

Oh, so now we're doing an improvisation? So something new then.

Rich: Yeah. Totally new.