Build it Up/Tear it Down I

Build it up/
Tear it down/
Ride my donkey into town
Today's thoughtful conversations among friends largely revolved around something very important the creator class: Art & legacy. Or, at least, that's what I got out of it.

What constitutes permanence in the era where much art is created, stored, and presented on computers? When the vast majority of our work resides on disks and servers and are not accessible when audiences are without power is, perhaps, the darker side these ostensible "technical advances." Because when that shit fails or crashes or providers go bankrupt, what then? I know two people who have had catastrophic computing failures that has wiped out work that cannot be replicated (one person devastated, the other no more than perturbed; says something). I've been on that precipice.

How do we reconcile our neuroses with our talents and our unconscious drives? Do we ever get over ourselves? Do we ever quit frontin'? When can we finally free ourselves from the pursuit of credibility and popularity and just let drive dictate?

Aesthetic aside, when does commerce corrupt process?

And, how do we pass the torches to subsequent generations?

As always, few answers, more questions. And also as always, I'm convinced I know so little.
"We are our own art history."

- J. Meadows