Spot eht fo Pop

Made men ain't supposed to make statements

Yes, I know. I do realize it.

But the train has left the station [tut, the brain is in creation]. That was such a long time ago, don.

There is actually a long, logical lineage beginning well before Drella and that whole scene (that is, in fact, what got me thinking about it again*).

Because, it has always made clear sense, even from the beginning. I knew before I knew if that makes sense. It was the right bet. I just knew.

[sigh] Let me make this clear for you.

The CBT-types working on the other end of the spectrum with the fearful, the compulsive, and the needy just to get them back to baseline, right? But what if, for imagination sake, we started on a higher level and climbed from there? Up like that Carl guy with the balloons and such.

Chicka-chicka boom-boom. Fist-pumping day, indeed.

P.S. YANAA but go here to see one.

Yes, I know. I do realize it.

* the New Yorker for January 11, 2010