Rickey Powell & the Tao of Ty's Four Levels -- APPENDED

So RPW and I were going back and forth about an assortment of things yesterday on the emailings machines -- Manufactured Landscapes, cold calculus, etc. -- and at one point [Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 4:22 PM] Rickey says:
I've said it before, Tyrone. There are four levels of people in your life:
  1. The audience.
  2. People you allow on stage.
  3. People you allow to have speaking parts on stage.
  4. And people you allow to ad lib scenes with you on stage.
Yes, he has said that before and I don't entirely disagree (probably noted somewhere on this here blogging thing). But, I might add this. I believe there to be one additional level that is somewhat new to the palette, and I take note of it more and more. It is this:
5. People whom I make the improvisational guest appearance on their stages. Generally unannounced like Bob Hope on Johnny Carson's old Tonight Show.
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