Make Your Own Art With Me

Hey Middlespace Cadet Corps! Let's play The Art Game. It's a real fun game and is not in any way a contest. No prizes. No Fizzy Lifting Drink or Everlasting Gobstoppers even. The prize is in the playing. Creation is its own reward.

Now you can play along with the Working From Home series just like Rickey Powell (Berkeley) did by taking your very own photo with America's Black Friend!

Rickey Powell did this one here - you can do one too!

Here's how you can play in five easy steps:
1. Click on the WFH/ABF array (below).

2. Select your scene image (select image, click "all sizes," click "download original.")
3. Make the image fill your screen somehow on your computer.*
4. Pose and create scenes then take photo.**
5. Send your full-size image to me.***
If I love your photo, I'll display it here at the Kingdom of Leisure World Wide Web site. If I don't, then I won't and we never had this conversation.

OF COARSE (sic) DOYE™ this is an elective assignment (it for fun!). The dance clips request for Middlespace of America video #6 was requirement. If you haven't submitted your dance clips, you may fail this term.

Get your friends and family and do this thing!

* Don't ask me for "technical support" please, because I don't work for IT.
** Use the timer, OF COARSE (sic) DOYE™.
*** Send it to my Gmail® address or if you don't know it, sent to: ty[at]middlespace[dot]net