Middlespace of America Video Assignment #6 - UPDATE 1

Cadets. It is Middlespace of America video submission assignment time.

We are ready to work Track #6 (the first track on the hunted side). For this round we are hunting for:


Ideally you will do the dancing, but I'll take other people dancing. I need dancing. Yes, do a :30 second dance. Not a slow dance but a fast dance (~135-160 bpm). Dance with other people. Seniors dancing? Adults dancing? Groups dancing? Sure. But mostly I need for you to interpret "dancing" in your own very special way. Bonus: [clicky]

---------- UPDATE 1 BEGIN ----------

You may use this track as timing sketch for your dancing: [clicky for "Track Seven" from tKoL's 2005 album Take The Branches From The Trees]

---------- UPDATE 1 END ----------

Send quality footage because the bar is rising. Don't send your archival vids, send new footage.

If you know my gmail, send it there. If you don't send it to:


Go, Cadets, go!