Enigmatic Mo

So, so, so. Well, well, well. It's Twenty-Ten, huh? MMX. The new year. The beginning of the tens decade. Whatever. It's just another day, the one that was there when you woke up. Similar to yesterday, probably similar to tomorrow. You're just a visitor.

But I'm celebrating all this newness as I do every day because I'm breathing and listening to music and have ideas. I'm wearing old Rawley Xs, argyles (OF COARSE (sic)™), 401s, and long Johns. I have on my Rabbit Ambulance hoodie over my North Texas University "Mean Green" shirt, a goofy Bula hat, and Brooks Brothers glasses. No wrist brace. Listening to Vinyl and eating cold three-day-old organic potato leek soup by Imagine. See? What's old is new. What's new is the same. What's the same is what I'm talking about.

And speaking of vinyl, shouldn't the real lesson from the last, what, two decades be that digital audio really sucks? At least on the output side (and mostly on the input side too). Tell you hipsters what but I prefer an LP to any of the digitally sampled formats. Yes, call me old man. But I know shit. Including where to get mint decades-old vinyl for a buck or two an album.

But Twenty-Ten is the future, you say? Nope. Sorry. It's all the same as it ever was. Jesus, get over it, already. I know! I'm a total buzz-harsh. But the turning of a calendar page does not a reinvention make. What's next an RT raising somebody up? I don't think so, don. I'm not trying to be a dick either. I'm just trying to guide you to a place where you can breathe gently, reassess, and move forward. Check up, yo! I'm simply telling you where I stand in this deal-with-the-devil so that you know. This way nobody's time gets wasted and no feelings are injured. Because, and I'll say it again, time is our my most precious resource.

Here's a freebie: If you really want reinvention, you have to actually do something about it rather than waiting for a ball to drop or some angel to whisper in your ear. That way of thinking is just so tired to me. You really want reinvention? Make something. Follow a dream. Stop telling everyone on the Twitters and the Facebooks that you're going to do it. Worse, that you hope to do something about it. Go out and it. And when it's done, we will know it is done and what you have done. I've seen things happen so understand that it is possible to reinvent and do. We will judge you accordingly. But don't let the risk of judgment dissuade you. That is just another excuse to pretend that you hope you're going to do a damn thing sometime.

I was going to comment about how everybody got all bandwagony about how the past decade and year totally sucked. Actually, it really didn't suck because it RULED and you fucking know it, negativity lemming. And, fortunately, I don't even have to write about that because brother Sean covered it for us here: [clicky]. Thank you cosmos and long IM discussions.

"But I have to have goals," you say. "How do I get goals? What should I do?" My answer is, stop asking me, okay? I have my own thing. If you don't know what your thing is or what you want your thing to be, don't waste my time. But if you have ideas and need a gentle nudge? I can nudge and I can trick you into producing. I've seen that happen too! But don't whine anymore because as impatient as you believed me to be, I'm getting even more...selective. Yes. Let's call it selective. Selective with my time because I have a thing to do. I believe the creators will find each other or like beings to make motion perpetual.

And who am I to say all this stuff? Doy, I'm Ty Hardaway. I may not have a mansion and a yacht like Elmer J. Fudd, but I do have a Kingdom of Leisure.

*[Cue Lovin' Machine by JSBX because that is what began as I started to type words on this machine. I'll wait. Seriously, it's a quality jam. I even linked it for you as a courtesy.]