You Enjoy Myself

I won't be very much interwebs online active between this Saturday and next Tuesday; until after we get a half-black president (or whatever happens on the 20th). Here's your prescription, the doctor is always looking out for your best health. There's an oath involved, my friends.

So, if you want, go here to look at the oldest stuff first:
Middlespace Classic, 2000, during my World Wide Art War period. Whaaaahh!!! How does it work? Helllllp me! Shhhh. It's's how it works:
a) Go "there" by clicking on the word "Middlespace Classic," above (or here).
b) Click on things, for instance click on a letter of the word "Middlespace."
c) Then click on pictures to "go" places.

Or, troll around here for more stuff:

Worldwide Headquarters of Middlespace Industries of America.

Want to listen with your earholes but not look through your eyeholes? Go here:

Want to look and/or listen and/or read with your earholes and your eyeholes?

Back soon. Shut up!