This is Oh Face!

Anonymous said...

Oh Face, why don't you allow access to your blog and/or profile? What are you hiding?

- Jan 7, 2009 12:34:00 PM

Anon. Wow that you mention this. You mensch, you. Oy! FYI, I received this note in the emailings on New Year's eve from somebody I never met:
"Happy New Year, Mopes! You don't know me but somebody named Oh Face told me to send this."

So mysterious, huh? Here's what we now know about Oh Face!:
  • White dude (or flat-chested woman with man hands)
  • Crip and Blood, apparently
  • Photoshop skillz
  • Toy gun
  • Suburban sunglasses
  • Tattoo hiding long sleeeves?
  • Gangsta poss. wigga? (doesn't write like on though)
  • Oh Face! once called me, "Cheech."
  • I like Oh Face!
Any guesses? [FYI disclosure: Actually I already know who it is because I know how to use the interwebs and know the people who run the interwebs (not Al Gore). But I can't say because obviously Oh Face! doesn't want anyone to know.]

What the hell am I even talking about; anonymous asking Oh Face! why he/she's hiding? Oy!

[the shirt]
[the other shirts]