Lockbox the Mopes

So I had this dream last night, and I do not remember what the plot was, but there was some subtlety that I believe is in need of documenting, if only for me to read in months or years.

What was striking and what stands out about this dream is that in this dream there was a time for me to wake up. That is, the (apparently unimportant) dream plot unfolded to a point where the dream was logically over, and it was then time to wake up. Naturally.

This is how I woke up in this dream: I woke up by being tired, putting on pajamas, getting into a bed, closing my eyes, and doing a thing called "waking up." In the dream (state), putting on pajamas and getting into a bed and closing my eyes was termed, "waking up."

Getting to the dream (state) is labeled "going to bed" and getting out of the dream (state) is labeled "waking up." The processes are analogous and invokes a portal of sorts.

Interesting, huh? But what do I know?