I'm Now There

the blue jay has landed
the drama that is pre-production
is long over
ready the blade

1) "pre-production is a series of heavy sighs and embarrassing missteps."
2) "You conclude everything from having no "songs" written to having no "time" to make your next record album."
3) "You're not set up to record this record. You believe that you're missing some key instrument or software component."
4) "Once you commit your willful and conscious mind and once you finish the big, dramatic play called "Pre-production," you can just turn on the recorders and get to recording stuff."
5) "You have to get to a place that is serious, internally and externally. You have to be ready to wrestle with something. "

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"For your hopper:

Be bold, and the mighty forces will come to your aid.

Don't wait. Our time is short. Patience is different than waiting. Waiting is withholding, and hanging onto expectation. Do what matters now, say what matters now. Don't wait.

OH!!! I just looked out my window, this second, in time to see a blue jay land about 5 feet away in the snow. A sign. Your sign, misdelivered, again. So there you go."



You can come over to my place Tuesday evening. I'm on Royal and Barracks.

That is