From Middlespace West (Day 7)

Here we go-Day 7
"'Gentleman's' is spelled with an 'A'."


It is true that in lifetime body of work I have had many an accident; many more than most people would realize. Some of these mistakes work for the best and other's are just problems. For instance, the infamous This is the New America typo, "Headphones are good a thing." While a pricelessly dumbassardly nightmare for me personally, it became emblematic of DIY charm and freedom's abandon. But I have also accidentally deleted/overwrote video and audio files and just magically lost files that I would have otherwise saved forever. I can be prone to disaster at times of greatest OCD flare-up.

But sometimes there is the opposite of accident to my work. There is purpose and there is meaning. Here, the use of "gentlemen's" was purposefully applied to the WGC:
"A gentlemen's club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for English upper class men in the eighteenth century, and popularised by English middle class men and women in the late nineteenth century." [wiki clicky]

I consider the W. Willard to be more a place of high refinement and purposeful exclusion (no feministing, no assholes) than a place where women with pretend yellowish hair, Caesarean scars, and breasts of saline show you their labia in exchange for dollar notes [clicky].

While generally interchangeable, I opted for the more British/less American spelling for a reason. The W. Willard Gentlemen's Club: Where you do not need change for a twenty or Purell® wipes (members only). The WGC is a place you can tell you wife you're going but that she cannot and she'll understand and encourage. It's safe and wonderful. There are hand tools and cheap beer. A gentleman can share his feelings and opinions.

I'm older now. I make fewer mistakes. I measure twice and only have to cut once most days. I do hope to get to the point where I have the patience to make long form, long term and wonderful art though. That is one goal of mine. Patience is, I suppose, could be an ultimate goal. Fewer mistakes, more purpose, great patience.


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