Chapter One: Changing Gears --UPDATE--

There are many fools
Who dare propose imposing limits
On my power
Those ungrateful who've been swayed by
Intellectuals in their ivory towers
They will pay for crimes that God and I can not allow
Some before the firing squad and some behind the plow

Wield the spade
Ready the blade
Sacrifices must be made

- Oysterhead
"Wield the Spade" from The Grand Pecking Order, 2001

Damn if I don't have the feeling that I want to make another album. Soon, too. I've had The Feeling since before Christmas, and it doesn't seem to be going away. The Feeling is like AIDS now. The Feeling is like that brain tumor I keep expecting. Yet it just doesn't work like that. You don't wake up and say, "Damn if I don't have the feeling that I want to make another album" and just start making that album. And that's just the part about starting into the making of your new album. Finishing the making of your new album is another whole thing entirely: Chapter Two.

But a feeling is not an omen in and of itself. A feeling may only be receptivity to omens, to forces with power that influence, guide, and shape.

No, no, noooo. Album making is not easy like consulting, or board of director-ing, or Starbucks-ing, or Web logging ("blogging") or electrical engineering or house of representatives-ing or dentistry or living comfortably in the suburbs with a dumb ass grin on your face as you take out the recycling bin every Thursday saying "good morning" to people like some damn fool. Nope. Sorry kids, there's only so much your Garageband can do for you if you don't have Powerful Forces behind you. [sorry, but it's my job as the old man to laugh and point at you when you think you have all the answers when I know you couldn't even take your own mope-pulse] Talent and aspiration aren't shit if you do not have powerful forces present and under control.

Album making is extraordinarily hard work. Ask anybody who has made a good record. Album making may be as difficult as writing a book or acting, I wouldn't know. People lose years of their life on the back end from making records. Making one record is equal to being a two pack-a-day smoker for five years. Making records is like silver mining or offensive tackling.

You have to get to a place that is serious, internally and externally. You have to be ready to wrestle with something. It could be something as simple as scratching the "I have the feeling to make a record" itch, but then you'll make a shitty record. Or you could wrestle with The Power Forces. You will always lose to The Powerful Forces though. Never attempt to beat The Powerful Forces, that's folly for fools and the young, you are merely trying to survive and win cooperation with The Power Forces. Like Rodney said [clicky], "Let’s try to work it out." You are inferior to The Powerful Forces. Know that.

The Powerful Forces may appear when one is hiding from or embracing some sort of physical and/or emotional pain. Or The Power Forces might appear as a clear and logical omen; a harbinger that tells you, literally--in clear and logical English language words--"Now it is the time, Tyrone of Hart Road. Do good work. You may make your album now. Signed, The Powerful Forces. P.S. Sorry you have to die at 70, so you best make a good record."

Could be demons too. I don't know.

But I do know that if I'm going to do a thing it should probably be a thing, right? Too old for bullshit. Too good for bullshit. Like my grandmother once said (or I'm making this up):
"Boy. Just because you can do a thing doesn't mean you have to do a thing."
Album making is extraordinarily hard work. Ask anybody who has made a good record. Someday I hope to make a good record. Note: I mention "a" good record...never get greedy or cocky with The Powerful Forces. The Powerful Forces are Old Testament vengeful.

So I wait.

"Don't wait. Our time is short. Patience is different than waiting. Waiting is witholding, and hanging onto expectation. Do what matters now, say what matters now. Don't wait."

- Buddhist precept
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