[What's In The Hat? - v07.a-01.16.09]

Working Title:
Grand Escape 2009 - Her We Go tour
Cast to Date:
  • Ty
  • Rich
  • Dave
In The Hat to Date:
  • Florida (Ft. Lauderdale to Key West)
  • The Dakotas
  • The American Midwest (KC + circle or one-way)
  • Northeastern Cabin
  • Three-day Canoe Trip with Jim
  • Two bedroom apartment in rural Indiana (somewhere near French Lick)
Production Notes to Date:
So I was doing my usual (now) once-monthly volunteer day at the B's school and one mom asked me about "the big trip, you know about America" and I blanched because I didn't remember talking about it in the volunteer workroom at my kid's school but wanted to appear hip so I didn't mention anything other than, "Ha! We're still working on that."

Another mom asked what it "was all about" and I talked about "a road trip" to "discover America" and she offered that her parents live in a small, rural area of southern Indiana "near Lousiville" but "Closer to French Lick." I said, "Larry Bird's from there." She said we could stay in their two-bedroom guest apartment, to "just let her know." She was serious, mentioned it three times.

What I didn't mention was that Louisville is home of Slint and Will Oldham. Hatted! Not Middlespace West but Middlespace Midwest.

To Be Continued -- Input Welcomed

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