Tag, You're It - Continuing Adventures of...

Assessment follows:

Topics covered by Grayman included:
- Grip
- Loading
- Unloading
- Reloading
- Sight Alignment
- Sight Picture
- Trigger Manipulation in both Double and Single Action Mode
- The 4-Count Draw Stroke
- Failure Drills (2 to Chest / 1 to Head)
- Basic Close Contact Shooting
- Use of the Front Sight to dictate Speed of Firing
- Theory of Flash Sight Picture / Timing based upon Threat Proximity
- Use of the Handgun as an Impact Tool
Overall Thoughts:

Ty is the only person I have ever taught shooting to who did not anticipate recoil -- he did not do this even once. When practicing initial trigger manipulation Ty, after being instructed to "pull the trigger so slowly that the shot surprises you" pulled the trigger slower then I have ever seen it done before by anyone. Ty exhibited good / safe weapon handling characteristics always keeping the weapon pointed in a safe direction and his finger straight and off of the trigger until it is time to kill. Overall Ty shows great potential and once he shoots about a million more rounds and does dry firing presentation drills from the holster 15 minutes a day for years he will be good to go.

100 Round Report:

Body Armor Bypass

Failure Drill

My next goal is to convince Ty to buy a pistol of his own, preferably a Glock 19 or any similarly high quality semi-automatic pistol in 9mm caliber that fits his hand well.