The professor writes:
"Three Names for BDW and TJH from the Porter Dining Hall Circa 1987-1988:
  1. Monk Man
  2. Mental Floss
  3. S.A. Clyde.
That's it.

Dave says via the emailings:
Monk man = "The Monk Guy"

Also, The Color Guy, James, My Tits are Sacred, Under the Bridge Sound

The professor is being nostalgic. Hoppy beer and a leather chair will do that. Kids must be at neighbors. Chargers lost. The mind wanders....

Those were great days. Young, relatively innocent. Goofy. Loved that shit. Step Aside Clyde, the Monk Guy, the Color Guy, James, Tits are Sacred, etc. Mental Floss was rock and roll Rajan's band.

We keenly and studiously observed and studied. But we knew we were characters too. Not insignificant characters either; Mark and I walking in the rain in garbage bags without mercy. Dave and I doing all kinds of fucked shit all over campus.

Maybe people were studying us too. Perhaps people had nicknames for us.