New Work by Alison DeLune

A l'état sauvage
10 x 10" framed mixed media panels, reversible, 2013

[you may click it, it's okay]

Sometimes one's voice sings loudly and clearly.

I do not know how many people collect Alison DeLune but I hope I'm gathering up the best of the early works. This present piece, The Wild One, is deeply complex. Perhaps multifarious is a good five-dollar descriptor. The title is most fitting of DeLune, her work, her style, her future.

I cannot decide what brings me greater joy, being able to hold and study this piece, or, having great art arrive at my door without rhyme, reason, or warning. This piece is ambitious and inspirational.

In the accompanying notes, the following phrase appears, "I took some liberties with the translation because I can." Of course you can. That's what art is, doing things because you can. With impunity. The origin of the French phrases are from a book titled "Herbes Médicinales" found under a seat in New York's R train (Brooklyn to Queens). Indeed.

The notes also allude to panels to follow without rhyme or reason. Alison DeLune, the wild one.

[Listening to Sleigh Bells' Bitter Rivals on repeat]