Constitution Day

Creativity is my purgatory of compulsion
Always existing between and around
ideas project deadline and cash payout*
(*cash or fame or recognition or any of the
standard markers that quantify how success plays)
It is a powerful addiction
without treatment never satisfying**
**(not even that very first time)
and immune to interventions or guiding principle steps
loops circles cycles revolutions
Journeys from Point A to Point A again
Groundhog Days of making always
the very same things over and over again and again
never stopping like the mail
boomeranging near misses of targets
kinetic and imaginary and always self-manufactured
Ever-present fears drowned in vats
of desperation drowned in hubristic tomfoolery
Fraudulent as the newest wardrobe choices of emperors
Like trickle-down democracy and equality
evenly distributed despite lineage or account balances
The Constitution is a binding legal contract
Shampoo. Rinse. Repeat.