What is a Life

At its core and its essence
The problem The ailment The issue
the facilitator of thought and behavior
is a perverse and profound loneliness
however fickle and complexly conditional

Long left to neglect
Self-diagnosed and self-treated
the reasons to live or die for
Adrift we cling desperately to 
the slippery hull of a capsized dinghy

Resilience is a trait shared
among leaders and survivors
Beings built for the rigors
of roller coaster sciences
with all the wounds and none of the gore

A quality to this life
Motivations manufactured and feared
We all pursue different things
We all purse things differently
Success is a different stop for everyone

Very tall ladders climbed slowly over years
fatiguing and sometimes rewarding
But now our lives whoosh down steep chutes
Too quickly Too anticipatory Too frightening
and suddenly relevance is evaporated