The Number Twelve (beginning and end)

Today is the last day of the last transition
And as with each, the senses reset to factory defaults
Time is change
Change is time
data trends validating bold corporate forecasts

Sometimes you touch flames or allow yourself
a little jolt of actual electricity to
test the reflexes for reliability
    Like airbags you usually only get to know reliability
    when you absolutely need to know reliability

Weary I have groan with your ideas and notions
that only exist as breath and gesticulation
Potential and planning boiled off neglected as steam

Time is change
Change is time
Raising flags of armies and pledging allegiance

Release the hostages
Give up the ghosts
Retreat into fortresses build from the
Blood Sweat and Madness
of both your ancestors and your descendants

Neither marking what little time remains or pressing pause
We must make causes in order to claim effects
And as your king it is my sole responsibility
to allow you to blind-faith follow me into
places only I understand

The daylight wanes
The weather worsens
We are at our healthiest
We are at our happiest
This is the absolutely worst moment for complacency
The bets are off

Today is the last day of the last transition
Tomorrow we battle a war
Declared by Hubris Greed and Manifestations
    of internal struggles
War is upon us
And to the victors be there spoilage