When The Tourists Come Back

As J.B., my favorite coffee shop's manager (Chloe's-not-Starbucks...it's Amy managing the Starbucks) was making me a special yerba maté latte, we were laughing at how goofy, artificial, surprising, and fascinating my neighborhood is (he works here, I live here). He likened it to Mrs. Botwin's little town of Agrestic (actually I hadn't thought of that before but it makes perfect sense).

I told J.B. that it's almost springtime and that's when the tourists come back like the robins and the mosquitoes. He didn't believe that there were actual neo-traditional design and new urbanist groupies. I assured him it was true (these were shot this past Friday); people study this place. They take notes. They take pictures. He shook his head and laughed.

I try to shoot the tourists, photographically. Sometimes I wave. Sometimes I sit on the porch to answer questions. Mostly American, but often German, Japanese, and British visit us here. Always so pleased to look around. My plan this spring to to be in as many of their photos as I can AND to get them into as many photographs of mine; up close and personal. Let's make this happen!

Oddly, this is the third "tourist destination" home I've lived in. Is it something about me?