Tree Hugging

I finally had the opportunity to focus some attention on the plants. The snow had been so high and prevalent that other priorities dictated. Ice damming, walkways, heat control, bviously.

Clearly I am aware that a lot of damage has occurred. My 6 ft. conical evergreen has been bent flat for most of the winter. The junipers and laurels have been buried and out of sight. The Japanese beautyberry and the plant next to it (with white, early spring blossoms) have disappeared; twigs sticking out in all the wrong directions. Azalea? Gone!

But, the one plant I actually had some worry over was the laceleaf Japanese maple. I've groomed this tree for eight years. It was perfectly shaped and the signature plant of the garden. Colors varied throughout the year from maroon to light and dark greens to bright red. To brown.

I was saddened to see that the maple suffered three major breaks. Splits that no graft could repair. In fact, since the weight was still pulling downward, I felt obligated to cut the breaks. Amputations. Dis-figuration. About a third of the plant severed.