Motorcycle Cat (or, Seven Man Front in Real Life) - Now With Stereophonic Sound

It happened yet again
I was in the shower when
Bulls on Parade
Came on the local radio
And off I went on one of
Those memory K-hole things
Seany Hi-def just mentioned

1996 or 1997 summer
Corporate/government softball nonsense
Hot as balls humid
Dingy Crowbar and fungus
Raging Against Machines
Over and over and over and over...
Album in entirety many times

Dank dark
Hot as Haiti humid
And a tiny odd-old man in black
With a cat on his shoulders
A cat wearing a tiny motorcycle helmet
A real live cat - frightened since forever

After some words
More friendly than not
Off he went
A man and a cat
On a real live motorcycle
You remember it too

Did you "clicky"?