Black History Month

All things of and from the past remain in and of the past. Or something like that with occasional cameos in our presents. The future is a theory; a political plot only intended to destroy the traditional values of America. At least that's the logic from the anchors. Perhaps it's a big money-grab.

Couldn't get any traction today but got some items staged; a handful of behind-the-curtain tasks that all go into final projects. The pieces. The hooves, snouts, and lips that mix so well with salt and vinegar. But maybe I'll burn it all down and start anew. Again.

In progress all. Always in progress. Mostly I'm in a really "off" mood because I can't get anything done although I have a ton of stuff to do (a bottleneck of output) and have pretty much given up on the day as I wait for "it" to blow over.