I'm Sorry...But It Makes Me Laugh, Aloud

Rip Walker (l) and Todd Harvey did it like this in 1998: [clicky]

I apologize that EVERY TIME this 17-minute dinosaur rock epic opera comes on the ShuffleTunes I post a goddamn link. But you know what? It rocks so sue me. Plus this mix of Princess Bridge, Ruins of Pagosa and Whe’re All the Kids in the Street? has 2000's Manifesto from the LA Black record tagged on like a some weird space coda. And it works! What more could god grant in one lifetime?

This time listen to the drums (and the screaming). Last time I had you listen to the guitars. That's some inspired "tap-tap" drumming in the Katbocks. LISTEN TO THE DRUMS!

Headphones mandatory. Doy.