You Are Not An Artist - 1

Sorry. You are not an artist. Be glad that I'm here to break the news to you because I am going to be brutally honest with you; that you're definitely not an artist. But I'm also going to let you down easy because I'm a huge softy and I do appreciate your effort. You get an "A" for the effort, as they say. You just weren't genetically predisposed to be an artist, sorry. Oh, keep doing what you're doing and maybe you can win some online contest or make some sales at the craft faire.

But you're not an artist. That's how it goes, I guess.

You are not an artist because you do not think like an artist. You do not believe in art. Sure you think of making shit and doing shit--and you even get some shit made--but you will not be an artist until you can conceive art. You rule with the technique and the equipment. Some of your stuff is really good too. But you have no concept.

I've known like a million photographers, musicians, painters, filmmakers, illustrators, and the like. But, artists? I've known maybe three in my whole life. And that third hasn't really produced much at all. But that third is one of the greatest artistic minds I've ever known. It's not all about output, kids. I'll even leave me on the not-an-artist list so you don't give me totally grief about this. OK, I'm not an artist either. That make you feel better? Well, just kidding about me, obviously because I think I'm starting to figure it all out. Starting.

So I am absolutely struck by what Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley did. Impressed even. [What did they do? Tell me, Ty! What did they do?]

They did this: [clicky]
First go here: [clicky] Then do the whole Google Street View act. Huh?

Next go here: [clicky]

Then here: [clicky]

Here: [clicky]

And back to here: [clicky]

There you have it ("That's show business, folks!" - RPW, 1999). Art!

And you've thought of and done, what?, you fake-ass wannabe artist. Maybe you can sell some of your stuff on eBay or something. I'm sure your mom is proud.

Concept? Represent!