The First Day of School

So do you remember this: First day of school. No, first day of college at your elite(ist) residential university (like mine) and everyone, I mean EVERYone is so totally friendly. All saying hello and holding doors and helping carry shit. I know it is a mostly a nervous excitement but you remember how happy and alert and tuned-in everybody was?

That's what it's been around here for the past two days. People are making eye contact, slapping shoulders, giving random thumbs-up and stuff. Damn if people aren't relieved and relaxed; all driving slower, letting people cut in line, and laughing. Not that forced survival laugh either. But people are laughing like you do after you nearly drown or choke or when you realize that even though your car is fucking totaled you are just...fine. People are fucking crying they're so goddamn happy. Rich, white, easterners are doing this shit. I've never seen this type of behavior in the 16 years I've been away from California (that homophobic hell hole). Even during the Clinton days/daze people were not delirious like they've just discovered Eddie Murphy's Raw.

We realize that we are alive. We dodged a proverbial bullet in a seriously non-metaphorical fashion. We finally woke the hell up and decided that if didn't do something we were going to be extinct.

Every color is brighter. Every song is more beautiful than the last. Hugs mean something.

You got Obamatized.

So try to remember what this feels like sometime when you're down about something dumb [here's 2000's 9-minute Dumb re-mix: clicky].